Hannah organises weekend residential yoga retreats in collaboration with changing guest teachers. All are self catering, staying in simple, shared accomodation somewhere in the british countryside. Prices are kept to a minimum so everyone can afford to come along. Over the weekend participate in a range of yoga and meditation workshops, have a chance to stroll and take in some country air.

The aim of the weekends it to go further with our undertanding of what yoga is. It is much more than the physical exercises we do together in class. Retreats, where one dedicates time to seriously focus on yoga, are an important part of everyones sadhana (yoga practice). During retreats we try to refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods and animals.

Retreats are open to everyone - beginners to experienced practitioners. All workshops are optional (lie ins are permitted). 


16th - 18th of October, Weekend Retreat, Stratford Upon Avon   (FULL)

5th-6th December, Weekend Retreat, Stratford Upon Avon (open)

9th and 10th of Janurary: Weekend Retreat, Stratford Upon Avon (booking not yet open) 

Easter Retreat: Yoga holiday, TBC. A retreat of 3 days and 3 nights in the British countryside. Morning and evening hatha and meditation classes, lunch time theory and philosophy discussion, breathing and relaxation workshops. Guest teachers.